St. Michael's International School

Enrolment Procedure

  • An acceptance letter will be sent to parents via email, followed by a hardcopy of the letter, school fees invoice and a Welcome Pack, containing further school information such as School Uniform Guideline.  Parent(s) must then notify the School within seven days of receiving this letter by email, if they wish to accept this offer of placement, via “Acceptance of Place Form”, sent together with the acceptance letter.


  • If the Enrolment Date is in advance, an invoice for the Registration Fee will be sent together with the acceptance letter.  This fee must be paid via bank transfer within three weeks after an acceptance letter is sent from School, to secure a seat in the class for future enrolment.  This payment applies to a child who has been issued a Provisional Acceptance.  If upon conducting the Interview and Assessment, the child is not accepted, this fee will be returned.


  • If accepted for mid-year entry, the child may enrol after a minimum of two full school days after the school receives the ‘Acceptance of Place Form’ from the parent, to allow the School to make necessary preparation.  (e.g. When the ‘Acceptance of Place Form’ is submitted to School Office on Thursday, the child may start school on Tuesday.)


  • Necessary documents required by the School (Medical Forms and Emergency Contact Form) must be completed and submitted by the first day of school.


  • School Uniform must be purchased before the enrolment date.   Uniform Guidelines will be provided after a seat in the class is confirmed.


  • All School Fees must be paid prior to entry to the School.  An invoice will be sent to the address indicated on the Application Form after the enrolment is confirmed by both the School and the parents.

All decisions made by the School in regard to eligibility, entry and admissions are confidential and final.


After Enrolling at St. Michael’s International School


By accepting a place at St. Michael’s International School, parents agree to:

  • Pay fees promptly, upon receipt of invoice,as outlined in the Payment Policy
  • Take an active and supportive role in the life of the School
  • Be able to communicate with the teachers and staff in English (Please note school is not able to provide any translation services at this time)
  • Be willing to work with the child at home in their native tongue (i.e. encourage reading, help with homework, etc.)
  • Be responsible for familiarising themselves with the most up-to-date Parent Handbook, Uniform Guideline, electronic newsletter (‘The Messenger’), other school documents and letters which they will receive after acceptance has been made confirmed

Parents achieve this by:

  • Recognising and supporting the authority and responsibilities of SMIS staff and administration to carry out their educational work
  • Supporting and cooperating with school personnel to help our children succeed and reach their potential
  • Encouraging peaceful resolution of conflicts and discouraging disrespectful, violent, or aggressive behaviour to solve problems
  • Not intervening in the SMIS educational processes or interfering with SMIS personnel as they carry out their duties and/or responsibilities
  • Being a positive role model that reflects the School’s ethos
  • Making sure that children attend school as regularly as possible and are on time
  • Complying with the uniform policy
  • Providing suitable conditions at home for doing homework; by checking it is done and by signing the appropriate records when requested
  • Working with the School to maintain good standards of work and behaviour.  Attending school events and parent-teacher consultations.
  • Informing the School of any problems or difficulties concerning your child
  • Informing the School of any change of address or circumstances which may affect the smooth administration of the School
  • Following the School’s policy on parking outside the School

Reconsideration of Enrolment

Upon enrolment, all parents agree to abide by the school mission, vision and values.  Parents are expected to be positive and supportive and compliant with the Parent Code of Conduct.

Breach of the above may result in the Head of School banning an individual from School grounds, suspension of, and/or cancellation, of enrolment.

Child’s Behaviour

A child’s enrolment at St. Michael’s will be reconsidered and possibly cancelled, if the child’s behaviour does not repeatedly meet the expected standard of conduct.

Unacceptable behaviours by the child include (but are not limited to):

Ÿ  Bullying, harassing or intimidating behaviour towards the School community

Ÿ  Misbehaviour causing harm or disruption

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