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English for Speaker of Other Languages (ESOL)


At St. Michael’s International School, many pupils have a home language other than English. Teaching ESOL pupils is the shared responsibility of all, and the whole school is involved in developing strategies to meet their needs. All pupils are entitled to have their particular needs recognised and addressed as early and quickly as possible. At first, their acquisition of the language will be learnt in context, through practical, meaningful experiences and interaction with others. These pupils may spend a long time listening before they speak English and will often be able to understand much of what they hear, particularly where communication through gesture, sign, facial expression and using visual support, such as pictures, is encouraged.

St. Michael’s International School’s English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) department aims to assist its students to adjust to life as effortlessly as possible. The ESOL Programme at St. Michael’s aims to support children’s learning needs so that they are able to communicate with their teachers and peers, access the curriculum and achieve equitable learning outcomes. In addition, it supports the needs of ESOL students who have a strong grasp of the language and may be high achievers but who benefit from additional support to develop vocabulary and enhance grammar usage.


The ESOL teaching supports the National Curriculum of England and Wales and focuses on children learning in context and across the curriculum so they are supported to learn the specific vocabulary, text types and communication modes appropriate and necessary for the different disciplines and curriculum areas.

Emphasis is placed on developing language skills in the four areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. ESOL pupils are supported in the following ways: one-to-one English lessons, small group lessons, support teaching within the classroom setting, provision of extra resource materials (books, audio books, worksheets, etc.) and testing throughout the year to ensure the student’s language needs are met.

St. Michael’s International School is one of very few schools that do not have a charging policy for ESOL.

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