St. Michael's International School

Governance at St Michael’s

St Michael’s International School is governed by a two-tier structure of Board of Trustees and Council. Members include alumni, professionals in the field of education and business, British Consulate representation, parents and teachers. The St Michael’s International School Board of Trustees and Council guides the School in all strategic, financial and non-operational matters. 
The Board is ultimately responsible for strategic decisions concerning the management of the school and also for the appointment of the Head. The Council acts as an advisory body to the Board. Reports are made in Council meetings and final decisions voted upon in Board meetings on matters such as policy and the annual budget. 
The Board and Council are guided by:
  • The Acts of Endowment
  • The St Michael’s International School By-Laws
  • International school accreditation standards
Council meetings are held in October, December, February, April and June, followed by Board meetings when necessary to approve recommendations and at least three times a year. In intervening months, committee meetings are held and results brought to the Council with recommendations.
Governance Operational Goals and Aims
The School Board of Trustees and Council aim to deliver quality educational standards by continuous improvement, as part of the accreditation process.
We prioritise:
• Financial stability
• Branding and image of the school
• Enrolment continuity
• Strategic maintenance of facilities
• Quality staff
• Community links
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